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August 3, 2017
Steve Olson LIVE on The Truth Underground ... Steve Olson appeared as a guest on WGSO radio LIVE with host Jim Rivas on Thursday Night August 3, 2017.

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Welcome to where your host, Steve Olson provides his special brand of research, analysis, and commentary about a huge issue of these times. While some dismiss the return of Wormwood, Planet-X, Niribu, Nemesis, Marduk,etc. as wild conspiracy theory, the evidence of imminent arrival of the Dragon mounts. picks up where the WSO YouTube channel leaves off; providing valuable "Forbidden" content and resources for the Planet X, End-times, "WTF is the PTB" doing observer. For less than the price of a 1/4 cup of coffee per day, you can have instant 24/7/365 access to the very latest research and analysis of current image captures, video streams, and PX news from around the globe, as well as thoughtful analysis of what it all means from Spiritual and existential perspective. is the home of Premium Content that is "Too Hot for" and other public/social media platforms, as well as other Members-Only functions for exchanging information, ideas, and resources. The platform also provides technology for securely collaborating with fellow researchers and enthusiasts alike.

The Future is here! Ignore these researched phenomenon at your own risk! Be prepared and be at least 72 hours ahead of everyone else! Join TODAY!

To view WSO/Steve Olson's YouTube channel click here.

Get the WHOLE scoup, watch this video ...


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CENSORSHIP? WSO channel removed from for an alledged copyright violation. "WSO is under seige! ... we must have uncovered too much truth! ... the claim is bogus, and we are fighting it. We know it's the "Dark Side" because even is under attack!". Watch this special messag e from Steve Olson.  Read more →

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The WSO team is on location in North Dakota this week digging into ancient Native American knowledge and wisdom on the topic of Wormwood and the coming changes  Read more →


Is the Earth's magnetic Field Changing? New Emerging Top Secret Information Reveals the truth about some crazy things happening to our planet right now.

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Numerous forecasts and ancient legends pointing in that direction, but also the observations of Inuit Eskimos and now finally to science. You can imagine a mini-solar system with planets several times larger than the earth will provide the necessary distortions when it comes closer to our neighborhood. Read more →

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