Dimensional Shadows?

by | Oct 1, 2020

Steve Olson

October 1, 2020



Wsl hey, so we’re, going to talk about an idea that we’ve covered before okay, but i’m going to slow down and i’m going to talk about it in a little bit more One step at a time because i’m just assuming a lot of people understand what i mean by inter-dimensional shadows, and this goes back to quasi-crystal theory right.

The idea that higher dimensions, influence or impact the expression of lower dimensions with me. So far. So we see these these things in the sky right, usually faded, different things orbs, you know, lights, weird objects, etc.

Now i’m, not trying to discount any theories. I’m, not trying to put anybody down. This is just an idea. Right it’s, an idea, so let’s, talk about shadows for just a second right. So let me pull out my little handy dandy keynote here and we’ll make some.

We’re, going to make some pictures. You can do some pictures um. So what is let’s? Just talk about basics of dimensions right, so, first of all, you & # 39. Ve got one dimension, which is a straight line right.

That is dimension number one got it dimension. Number two is where we take and we put a 90 degree oops. We put a 90 degree angle on that sucker right, so we’ll, go ahead and put the 90 degree angle on our our um one dimensional line, and we make that two dimensions.

So there’s, two dimensions got it so far. So good now, a third dimension is where we actually start to get into um. Another 90 degree angle off this point right so to get to the third dimension. We actually have to put another 90 degree angle on here right and what we end up with.

Let’s, see if i can get a square going here. What we end up with is a three-dimensional object, length, length, width and height got it now. This three-dimensional object will cast a shadow right. So if there’s light over here and it expresses off this three-dimensional shaft, it will actually make a shadow right.

Now i don’t mean to be so simplistic right, but when you get to the next dimension, you can you can’t, even they call it. The tetracube that, when you get to the fourth dimension as well, this dimensional stuff just bothers the heck out of me because dimensions are so simple: it’s just another 90 degree, uh angle off the last dimension, so it’s very Hard for us to visualize it, but you can.

If you go look up tetrahedron, you can actually actually kind of grasp what four dimensions looks like. Okay, in fact, we might even take a look at it before the end of the video and then so on and so forth.

So each dimension is another 90 degree angle off the last dimension. So far so good right. So again, i’m just using this as an idea as some way that we can look together to to possibly help us to understand what we’re.

Seeing because guys look if i’m, seeing this in the sky right and i think that that’s, just a three-dimensional planet and it’s got all of the characteristics of planets that we understand so far. It should be, it would be literally ground shaking stuff.

Okay, so is it possible? This is my question. If the third domain hang on with me, okay, hang with me. If three dimensions causes a two dimensional shadow, because that’s, a two dimensional shadow right, what would a fourth dimensional object?’s? Shadow be three dimensions.

A five-dimensional object would cast a three-dimensional shadow and a fourth dimensional shadow and a second-dimensional shadow. Are you tracking? So when we talk about inter-dimensional life and we talk about the universe in terms of inter-dimensions and so forth, and we’re talking and discussing images like this that are unexplainable by any current science right.

Could we be seeing a shadow from a higher dimension that’s? All i’m, saying just an idea to think about hope. You’re having a great day, steve olson, wso

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