Dobbs Object Back on Scene…

by | Oct 1, 2020

Steve Olson

October 1, 2020
We are seeing the Dobbs object again world-wide.  Here we talk about it.
yeah right the first uh video clip that
we showed here
the scoop kelly object right um now i
don’t know where the united states this
was but
um what’s interesting you know and i
know we’re gonna get people that say
this is an aircraft that is an aircraft
at the end it’s causing a contrail i
get that right i mean and it could be
right there there you know we don’t we
don’t have
like a sensing object up there but it
just so happens that this has all the
characteristics of the dobbs object it’s
not clearly an airplane it’s got the
you know very weird trajectory it looks
like something that’s in
orbit around the earth right so let’s
take a look though i want to go to re55
okay and ari um i don’t know if i’m
pronouncing that right re55
he is a friend of wso we’ve shown their
stuff up on here before they’re doing a
great job
over there um and he actually looked at
the same thing
and what it appears to be a september
25th northwest missouri looking west
okay and here’s what they saw
and i can’t i can’t play the music that
he has on here because it’s copyrighted
music uh phil collins i think or
something like that
but it’s the same i think it’s the same
object that we looked at in the first
thing and it brings up the issue of the
objects right and i’m going to try to
get dave back on to have a discussion to
see where we’re at with his timeline
because i haven’t talked to him since
his mother passed away a few
weeks ago and by the way my condolences
out to dave dobbs and his family as they
uh work through the grief of that
and the same goodbyes as mom but um this
one you know this one here it’s got the
little aircraft going on here but
here’s some here’s one right here that i
think is interesting check this out
right look at this so again the dab’s
object now you might be asking yourself
what is the dobbs object that steve
keeps talking about well if you haven’t
on part of the wso community it’s one of
to me
it’s the one solid thing that we see
that we’ve been able to time and if you
go in in here let me take you to dave
dobbs channel so you can see what i’m
talking about here
the just a little sampling of it you can
see it many of his videos if you go to
the dave dobbs channel i’ll leave the
link below and you can see it but
what he’s arguing in the dave dobbs
model is that these two objects the
dobbs object he calls them bob and
are actually um orbiting something else
either jupiter or planet x itself okay
and and so he make he’s been constantly
updating this model but here’s the
remarkable thing about it
the dobbs object showed up on a regular
200-day time scale for almost seven to
eight years now it’s a little different
and that’s why we want to catch up to
here soon to talk about it but he is
postulating that these
objects that we see like the one that uh
ari caught
like the one that um we looked at here
just earlier in the video
that these are like the only things that
i can say that when
when it comes to something we’ve been
able to time something
we were able to actually sequence and
look at
and see on a regular basis is the dots
object so
yep dot we’ll get dave on here again and
we will go through his current
model but right now guys it’s uh it’s on
because we’ve been seeing
the the dobbs objects again very very
regularly now here’s two of them
together one going one way one going the
other way
are those asteroids are those planes is
that a plane and that
what is it right we’ll talk more about
that but yes the dobbs objects are
showing up again in northwest missouri
and uh wow good job by ari and ari’s
doing some really cool stuff too so go
check out ari’s channel
okay next thing i wanted to talk about
and bring up uh today is this video from
gill’s planet x exhibit and i really
highly encourage you guys to go
he’s doing some really cool stuff right
but we’ve seen this
um apparition before in mexico right and
he documents it i’ll
i’ll just leave it to say that i know
that matt rogers did a video on this
i know that um planet x is if it did
this so i’ll just
point you to the video but again we’re
starting to see that either reflection
of the sun or off of you know there’s
all kinds of theories about this
but one of those theories in my opinion
is not that it is a lens flare guys that
i’ve seen this in mexico several times
this orb and it is amazing uh to see it
um here you also see the weird light
reflections and so forth going on
all around this video so that’s pretty
um so go check that out so kind of
couple small channels to talk about
matt rogers dave dobbs you know re55
check them out next thing i want to look
at is 2020so
this is a very unusual asteroid in the
sense or
artificial object they don’t know if
it’s like some speculate that it’s
actually the
um that it’s part of a uh surveyor
uh two centaur rocket booster launched
on 20 september 1966 so some people
think it’s an artificial object
some people think that it’s just a rock
but what’s
really interesting about it guys is look
at the trajectory of this thing
it literally what they’re saying is that
this 2020 so
is actually going to get caught in the
earth’s orbit now why
is that important why does that point
towards an artificial object
well because most of the asteroids that
we see are moving at a much higher rate
of speed and it’s impossible for them to
get caught in the earth’s um
gravitational and electromagnetic field
to get caught
so that’s what makes this little so 2020
so and speaking of asteroids by the way
yes i’ve heard about november 2nd
okay um i’m very very up to speed on on
you know this november 2nd event they’re
trying to pull voiced on us
and again what makes me really
suspicious about the november second
is the election right why would it why
and again
it’s is is it coincidence that the
timing is november second on that lat
and that asteroid and
in fact let’s take a look at it i think
and here it is and by
the way guys they have a neat little
like if you have trouble
looking at the neo site when you’re
looking at asteroids
um they have a really nice chart on
that makes it really easy to look these
things up but here’s that november
second one right it’s supposed to be 1.1
lunar distances
and um you know bp earthwatch has done a
lot of work on this 2018 vp1
and you can see again it was discovered
in 2018 but here’s the uh
trajectory of this thing now let’s take
a look at it so they’re saying that it’s
going to have this close approach to
on november 2nd and this again is one of
those ones that i’m highly suspicious of
guys why because where it falls in our
political cycle
is it just a coincidence i don’t think
so okay i don’t think so at all but
anyway the original point that we were
talking about was 2020 so and how it
actually is going to get caught in our
it says that the newly discovered
asteroid suggests it will be captured
into earthwork between october
2020 this month next month in may 2021
and again this is this is just
interesting i’ve never seen anything
like this before
maybe there has been stuff out there
that i just missed right but anyway
so we took a look at this um this is the
matt rogers
version of that mexico footage go check
that out too
and then i just i’m reminded of linda
miller right and linda has done a great
with looking at the dobbs objects too so
go back and look at some of the stuff
that she’s done in the past
and i think that you’ll see that we have
lots of evidence
that shows that these dobbs objects bob
and connie
show up they were showing up on a
regular time basis we’re going to check
in with dave and we’re going to see
where we’re at
right and you know and all that kind of
there so with that all said thank you
very much for watching the dobbs objects
are back in play again let’s keep an eye
on those
lots of stuff going on out there love
you all take care see both


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