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by | Oct 1, 2020

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October 1, 2020


Awesome with uh with wso, who i’ve, got here in front of you – is a guy named donnie from daytona um channel um. He’s, a pastor. He’s, a tenderhearted, wonderful soul, um. I really love donnie. He’s, just a good guy right, positive vibes.

We disagree on a lot of really fundamental things in terms of how the universe is built, but i still love him anyway. He got a piece of footage that i wanted to show you guys, because i think it really talks to the you know again when we’re looking at these phenomena in the sky, which are amazing and and and just mind-blowing right, a lot of It i think it it could be optics could be artificial.

Let’s, hear what donnie has to say and then i’ll. You know, then we’ll, see let’s, see what you think about it. Where everyone’s, picking them up and seem to be sending them to me. This is amazing. Evidence guys check this out here.

You can see he has his finger over the sun to prove by the way one of the things i ask people to do, especially in the tucson. I’m. Sorry to interrupt the video right away anytime, two sun or objects near the sun, or whatever always try to take the photograph by you know block out the light of the sun.

At the very least, it could still be a lens anomaly or some of some sort, but it at least kind of helps to rule out that it’s, a reflec, a refraction or a lens flare prove. The thing is not a reflection and, as he moved his finger, the camera refocused on the secondary object, which proves it’s in the sky.

Why would the camera automatically refocus here’s, two birds, a close-up shot flying to avoid this thing, so it must be at a low enough altitude where this birds can see it and they try their hardest to avoid it amazing, and then he finishes Off with just a few more seconds of it, i’m, telling you what guys from coast to coast, india to california.

This thing is real. Thank you, jason from the west coast. Okay, guys, i’m gonna play it one or two more times to a little music. So i’ll. Let you go check out the video i’ll, leave the link below um and you know again: donnie’s, a great soul – and you know thank you.

You know donna gives me permission to use his stuff. He did some other stuff too. I i really recommend a video that he had done about an orb, that it appeared that he actually had photographed with his knight uh.

He has a lot of sophisticated equipment as well. He’s, not a he &. # 39 s, not an amateur when it comes to stuff like um, high-flying drones and you know great pictures, so i really recommend donny’s channel and um and donnie.

I hope you don’t mind me using that little footage there, but again it brings up the the discussion of how much of this is artificial. How much of this you know is is illusion right how much of this the sky is actually not really the sky.

We’re. Talking about the you know, potential of artificial stuff, and i’ve, seen a lot of stuff like this guys right, but again i’m, just putting an idea out there. How much of our sky really is real? You know.

So we looked at the donny thing right: we, you know that’s interesting and we see a headset for hexagon that looks like finale lens up in the sky. Great, let’s. Take another look at another angle. This one comes from nicholas mccoll.

He sends me these um weather cameras facing you, know: different directions in yuma arizona, and i’ve, seen this particular um phenomenon before on nicholas’s cameras, so please go to go, go subscribe and tell nicholas.

Thank you for doing all the work he does, but he comes up with some fantastic captures on these on these uh skycams. But let’s check this one. This goes along the lines of how much of our sky really is real right check it out boom.

So you might say that’s, a reflection from the back or this that’s this and that the other thing right that that’s, that’s, stuff, reflecting or whatever yeah it could be nicholas assures Me it’s, not um.

This is something that he’s caught several times. The same configuration is there. Some type of a big tracking system up there is. Is that what this is indicating, or what about those times that we see the big ring around the sky that loops around the sun off of it on 90 degree directions? I don’t have a piece of it handy of it right now.

Right now about to show it to you, but point being, is i you know again we get. We get really worked up about different stuff in our skies and stuff, like that, and i’m. Just wondering you know. Is there evidence that suggests that our sky is actually drawn for us, like a sky like blue project blue beam, that a lot of people talk about a lot of flat? Earthers think that blue beam is a is a viable thing right.

I don’t, know right, but compelling evidence nonetheless, and thank you nicholas for the work you do and hopefully people will subscribe. We’ll. Send you. I’ll, put a link in the bottom there for you, but it doesn’t matter right at the end of the day, as we observe all this stuff on nasa cams and we look at stuff – and you know whatever the main Thing to remember in this time is the more ex you got ta we got ta, stop being still focused on external.

We got ta, stop being so focused on. You know what’s out there really, honestly guys. We have to start focusing more on what’s in here in our hearts and the reason i say that is because we have to become self-contained.

We have to become sovereign, because there’s, going to be a lot of changes. A lot of the stuff that we’re talking about right now is going to be exposed one way or another in the next couple of years, and you want to make sure you’re ready for it and the way you are Ready for it is to become fully integrated with god to be fully integrated with spirit and to be self-accountable, sovereign and don’t.

Let anybody tell you different right ride the p, the eye of the storm, the piece in the middle of the storm. It’s, gonna get rocky man. I think 2021 is going to be a year of justice that’s. What i really think is going to happen.

We’ll, see what happens: steve olson, ws

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