Shocking If It’s Real – Colorado Woman films “2 Suns” Regularly.

by | Sep 20, 2020

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September 20, 2020

Are these images of two (2) Suns at sunset, taken in Colorado real? The video is real of course, however, what it represents, 2 suns appearing at sunset in the western sky in Colorado may not be what it seems. The “sun” to the right looks like the typical “lens-flare” look to it. What do you thing reader? Weigh-in below.


  1. Bill

    If it was just a typical lens flare in the video ..then the flare would move whenever the camera moved.. and it doesn’t. The person taken the video moves the camera multiple time but yet the second sun stay in the exact same place..also at the bottem of the screen there our 1 or 2 flares that you easily tell apart from the way the second sun looks and acts ..compared to the way the flares at the bottem of the screen look and act


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