Response to the Deep State and Other Perps using Deep State Tactics

WSO and Respond to a New Round of Attacks
from the DEEP STATE.

Isn't it funny how the Deep State is so predictable? Of course, the actions they take, the things they do, and hate they spew is mindless, baseless, and intellectually useless. Like the petulant child not getting their way, the "politically correct" gripeing that they have no say, and the unwitting political operatives faking outrage for pay, these vengeful, angry, self-righteous 'people' attack their select targets, not on truth and facts; but in a personal integrity attack kind of way.

Yet, it is a tactic where the self-righteous perpetrator has no compunction about confusing, agitating, and even harming you personally while they weaponized your emotions for their cause, not yours. And much of this without you even being aware of their subversive objectives. No, they are not looking out for your best interest; no, they are looking out for their best interests.

Naturally, your first inclination, the very reason you are right here on this page, is because you want to know the truth, that the allegations are utterly and patently false. Yet your autonomic programming has been invoked, and most people come here and discover these allegations un-true or true.

Stop and think about it, if you are like most people, or like us, to categorically impute the motives of others suggests that we too may have an ulterior motive or objective. So while today's WSO's trolls and attackers are certainly and emphatically proclaiming that they know our motives, you naturally ask yourself, how do they know?

Today's WSO attacks are but a microcosm of life today in this reality; a reality filled with multi-layered obfuscation, noise to hide the truth. We began addressing this topic on last night's `Truth Underground' video. Because it IS a jungle out there, it is a challenge to know what's un-true or true. This is the nature of the core mission of WSO and, and we are hereby going to take the opportunity to answer these baseless allegations, to share our vision, so you easily can decide if our truth is your truth; if our quest to see beyond just observations of today's astro-phenomenon, into what does this mean for us all, what should be doing to ensure maximum survival, and ultimately, how we THRIVE through this rare chance to change everything for our species.

In summary, the more you settle down and evaluate the facts, it becomes easy to see how DEEP STATE Tactics, whether employed by DEEP STATE operatives, or by those with other self-serving agendas, serve only one objective; to convince you to settle for less than you deserve by triggering your emotions to invoke your pre-programmed response to the nature of the allegations; and thus your co-operation.

Isn't that what we are ultimately fighting? Control? Manipulation? Subversion? Isn't this something within our control? Humanity is going to go on after this flyby, or whatever is coming our way. In all likelihood, we don't control what that is. What we do control is our response.

We believe that if we want a better society, that quest begins now. What our future society looks like begins now. Our mission is to make a difference, to wake up more souls, to unite humanity for a cause much bigger than any one of us individually. Because what we most likely face in the foreseeable future will provide us a chance, as a species, to completely alter our individual and collective futures. With the very future of the surviving humans being the stakes, who has the time or the inclination, to engage in trivial harmful behavior? And this behavior has been used to successfully to rob so many individuals of their true potential, sovereign existence, and real freedom. Naturally then, the first order of business for our new society is returning to a truth-based society, and these attacks began as we unveiled our plans to contribute to that cause.

Just ask yourself; is it probable or even possible that today's ongoing attack on WSO is being done in your interest, or someone else's? Is there one perpetrator who engages in DEEP STATE-like tactics, or is it actually the DEEP STATE who is using these unwitting accomplishes to their ends? That is something you have to decide. To assist you with that effort, below we respond point by point, to the specific allegations levied against WSO,, and Steve Olson.

RESPONSE TO THE LATE MAY 2017 DEEP STATE ATTACK ON WSO - Directed to the agents, ensigns and associates of the DEEP STATE and the supporters of WSO.

WSO has been working hard to create a viable organization with the resources needed to propel a grand vision of truth, love and support for those who are awake or waking to the fact that we have a binary star with its planets intersecting soon within our inner solar system.

As a result of these efforts, WSO has made itself a target of the DEEP STATE and its agents and ensigns. Their targeting programs have a predictable pattern of discrediting anyone who opposes their rigid belief structure, or even their most probable sinister agenda as stated on the Georgia Guides tones.

The list of DEEP STATE Type allegations against WSO are as follows:

ALLEGATION ONE - The DEEP STATE is saying the founder of WSO was involved in a $150,000 embezzlement scheme and that the resources that WSO gathers for its mission is mis-spent and at worst a scam.

RESPONSE: WSO operates on a shoe-string budget, supported graciously by people who share our vision. The embezzlement claim is absolutely bogus. Steve does not work for anyone but the people of WSO. In other words, there cannot be embezzlement if there is no employer. I would have to be working for someone else and stealing from them to claim embezzlement. This is an old trick. When you are targeted, the perpetrator will tell half-truths, and yes, even totally made-up, unsubstantiated down right lies hoping that one will stick, and discredit the target. In other words, DEEP STATE TACTICS. We learned in December of 2016 that our efforts could be easily short-circuited simply if YouTube decides to shut you down. So, we poured all of our time and resources into creating our own WEB FOOTPRINT. This will allow us to operate unfettered in the future regardless of the actions of Google, Facebook or their advertisers.

FACT: The funds that are being raised by WSO, WSOLIVE, Truth Underground and GNN are being directed into three distinct silos:

WSO and WSOLIVE - we maintain a web site that uses sophisticated software technology behind the scenes and that is designed to be a sanctuary for those seeking the truth. The security, server, and other costs are covered by the membership fees. The website is building in strength and content daily, with new segments including DEEP STATE BLUES, discussions with alleged aliens, and truth way too dangerous for social media publication.

Additionally, WSO is organizing two major events in 2017, with more to come. Our THRIVAL Conferences in Minneapolis and Boise dated in August will bring in the most respected researchers from around the world including Gerald Clark, David Meade, Gill Brossard, Steve Olson, Wayne Steiger, etc.

TRUTH UNDERGROUND - Many of our colleagues, and not just PX people, have found themselves flat on their back with no viable way to respond to the DEEP STATE destruction of their revenue streams and communications channels. The DEEP STATE can decide to shut anyone down on these platforms.

So, in response to this, we saw the opportunity to provide publishers with an alternative called the TRUTH UNDERGROUND. Here, publishers can expose their materials to the public without fear of retribution, and free of advertiser influence. Publishers that are coming into our network will be compensated for their efforts in a fair, and results oriented fashion. This means we support truth community members collectively without outside influence.

SAFE HAVEN - any excess capital after operations will be directed into completing the designs for participation among participants, and the construction of thrive communities designed to withstand food shortages, loss of grid power, communications shut-down and air quality destruction. We have determined that survival through the tribulation will require a solid plan fully funded and operational within a short 6 month period. We are working with a sense of urgency, yet these endeavors re expensive.

ALLEGATION TWO - WSO and its founder is a mole for the NSA, CIA or some other 3 letter agency.

RESPONSE: The DEEP STATE LOVES to paint you with this brush! Anything to discredit the information provided is what they will do. They turn facts into beliefs, and beliefs into mental illness claims. A dead give-way of their tactics is to accuse the target of what they are guilty of. WSO has NO DEALINGS with the deep state. WSO has uncovered a plot to have the founder committed for mental illness, which is the primary tactic of the DEEP STATE in such matters. Killing you is easy; killing your message takes the character destruction of the person originating the truthful information. "The target person has to be discredited before killing them, otherwise you create a martyr".

FACT: All the staff and supporters of WSO tend to be targeted individuals themselves. The Founder has to move from city to city to avoid being microwaved, harassed by police, and monitored. We have to invest inordinately in security, including software, people and communications encryption.

ALLEGATION THREE - WSO has actively supported the outing of a physics professor by revealing her identity to the trolling community, thus resulting in the loss of her job and the destruction of her career. WSO is colluding with the trolls and agents of the DEEP STATE.

RESPONSE: WSO has seen people come and go in its short history. We were infiltrated early with agents of the DEEP STATE with the design of destroying WSO from the inside out. For example, we engaged and developed an excellent relationship with the physics professor, who provided a steady stream of scientific papers and analysis. In good faith, WSO shared this information with other channels and producers of content who WSO thought they could trust implicitly, with full author consent. The very same producers managed to convince the Professor that WSO was not working in their best interests based on her email getting out to the trolls while provoking the trolling community. This resulted in retaliations by the trolls.

Now, the most interesting thing about this DEEP STATE TACTIC is they succeeded in creating a break with the science of this very important professor, who took great risks to share information. Risk means you could be outed. This is just a fact.

FACT: First off, the Professor DID NOT LOSE HER JOB. She was put on leave until they decided what to do. Divide and conquer is the tactic being used. By splitting up honest researchers, and causing schisms and conflict, they distract the community on the research and current state and get them focused on conflict between researchers. Oldest trick in the book!

WSO found after the outing of the professor that papers we shared with the public led to the discovery of her identity. After careful research, we found that the Professor had left her contact info in the PDF files accidentally. We immediately ceased sharing all PDFs, and moved them behind our firewall in an archive that has no personal information.

ALLEGATION FOUR - WSO colludes with known trolls, most notably Jake Riley and Mari, who had maliciously taken WSO down in December of 2016, and had done a nasty interview with Steve's x-wife to discredit the work of WSO. The evidence is that I told Mari and Jake that I loved them on a chat session.

RESPONSE - I am a Christ/Zen guy. I just do not have the luxury of hating my enemies. NON STARTER if you want to live in love. Even with the toxic attacks I suffered at their hands, I am commanded to redeem and forgive them.

FACT - I want to recover Jake and Mari from the dark side. I want to raise my level of vibration and theirs, and it is WORKING. We talk and communicate. This is leading to a regular show on WSO where we will debate…and here is the funny part…not on PX, but on what is causing the sun to die. WSO believes the community is getting too biased, and needs to see the entire range of theories on the sun, and our solar system...if you are not afraid of truth, then you are not afraid to be open minded!

ALLEGATION FIVE - WSO is not worth your time because there is no content on their web site, it's a scam to take coin. Their events…scam. No reason to go to WSO at all for information - the source of the truth should be competitors to WSO, of course.

RESPONSE - is putting at least one major piece of content on the premium side every day. We have thousands of photos, videos and other proofs that point to the truth of the binary star. Additionally, we are diversifying content to include analysis of the DEEP STATE, and conversations with unconventional thinkers. Most of the content on WSOLIVE would never live for more than 10 minutes on YouTube before shut down.

The WSO Thrival Events in August are almost already filled, with speakers from around the world gathering to discuss the events and how to thrive through them.

FACT - WSOLIVE has over 4,000 members. WSO will not block access due to lack of funds. Every day, we give struggling people free access to the information, with no hesitation. The goal is not to block the info, but rather to protect it from the DEEP STATE while funding our operations.

As for the THRIVAL Events - the top thought leaders in the space are coming to speak. We will be giving away our web secrets to publishers that want to break out of the matrix and explode their content world-wide. This will be the first event of its kind ever created, and we are excited to report it is VERY SUCCESSFUL.

See you there my friend!

Join us on our journey to courageously embrace the challenges we face as a species; to help everyone we can; and to choose to Thrive instead of just survive.

Steve Olson

Jim Rivas

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